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Former legislator Ayala del Valle remembered

Luis Ayala del Valle

By The Star Staff

Rep. Lourdes Ramos Rivera on Sunday lamented the death of Luis Ayala del Valle, a former legislator from the western region of Puerto Rico.

Ramos described Ayala del Valle as a consistent and productive legislator, affable and friendly to all, loyal to his work and responsible to his constituents.

He served as chairman of the House Labor and Treasury committees, and was a former director of training and work companies in the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation as well as a promoter of tourism in Cabo Rojo.

“I always distinguished his cordial and respectful character, as well as his mettle in defending his convictions and our ideals, without damaging the friendship that united him with people of different ideologies,” Ramos said. “He was a tireless worker and loving father. A great friend.”

The family of the former legislator had not offered details on funeral services as of press time on Sunday.

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