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Former PDP electoral commissioner aspires to seat left vacant by former Sen. Gretchen Hau

By John McPhaul

The former electoral commissioner for the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Eder Ortiz Ortiz will aspire to the vacancy that arose in the senatorial district of Guayama, with the intention of strengthening the supervision of the Central Government, a role he played during the past with the administration of Luis Fortuño.

Ortiz Ortiz explained that with the departure of Sen. Gretchen Hau, the delegation of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) loses an excellent professional, so his election will allow him to contribute with his knowledge and experiences to that body.

Hau gave up her seat in the Senate to fill the House seat left vacant with the untimely death of Rep. José Aníbal Díaz Collazo

“The voters of Guayama are certain that I will go to the Senate to fight for their rights and to denounce what affects them; as I did in the past when we confronted Fortuño for the dismissal of more than 30,000 workers and maintained an audit of the operations of the Electric Power Authority under Miguel Cordero,” he said.

Ortiz Ortiz added that his oversight work also extended to the Public Private Alliance to privatize the Express 22 and that he was one of the fierce defenders of the opening of the gallery of the Capitol when then-President Thomas Rivera Schatz closed them.

The attorney was in charge of the commissions of Economic Development, Cooperativism, DACO, the Civil Code and Comptroller Affairs, among others.

Ortiz Ortiz also intends to contribute his experience and knowledge in the electoral area. “I was in charge of the preparation of the Electoral Law of 2015 and as Electoral Commissioner of the PDP I won all the cases, recounts and election of 2012 to Edwin Mundo, during my three years in the State Elections Commission, there were seven commissioners of the New Progressive Party (NPP), “he said.

Apart from his performance as a trial lawyer, senator and Electoral Commissioner, Ortiz Ortiz is an accountant and has worked in private companies in positions internationally. Among the companies he has worked for are; Procter & Gamble, Pepsico, Frito Lay, as logistics manager for the Caribbean, and at McDonalds as regional purchasing manager for the Caribbean and Central America.

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