Foundation to collect food for dogs and cats

By John McPhaul

As part of the #PuertoRicoUnidoPorLosAnimales campaign, United for a Cause Foundation (UCF) announced Monday that on Saturday and Sunday they will be collecting dog and cat food at McDonald’s restaurants throughout Puerto Rico to benefit 10 local organizations.

Each organization will be assigned a McDonald’s restaurant, based on its location, which will serve as a collection center where people will be able to take their donations. As a prize for a donation, each person will receive a free McFlurry ice cream.

The organizations and their corresponding collection centers are: Huellitas Desamparadas (McDonald’s Las Cumbres), Santuario Canita (McDonald’s Guayama), Save a Sato (McDonald’s Los Colobos), Rabito Kontento (McDonald’s Hatillo), Save a Gato (McDonald’s Fernández Juncos Ave.), Santuario San Francisco de Asís (McDonald’s Mayagüez Terrace), Alianza Pro Rescate de Animales (McDonald’s Plaza Guaynabo), Fundación por los Animales (McDonald’s Levittown), Huellitas de Amor (McDonald’s Cataño), We Love Satos (McDonald’s Ponce Bypass).

“Currently there are more than 250,000 animals abandoned to their fate on the streets of the country. These organizations make a titanic effort to rescue and support them until they get them a permanent home,” said UCF President Dana Capó. “The need for food and veterinary services is enormous. For example, the Canita Sanctuary in Guayama, the largest sanctuary in the Caribbean, serves more than 800 dogs and cats. We urge all island residents to bring a bag of cat or dog food to the McDonald’s collection centers.”

Those who are unable to make it to a collection center can send their donation via PayPal to, or ATH Móvil, in the donate section, to /UnitedForACausePR.

United for a Cause Foundation is a non-profit organization created under Puerto Rico law in 2014, whose main purpose is to promote acts of charity supporting various causes, especially to provide support to animal welfare organizations through the creation of programs and events. Its mission is to bring people together, raise awareness of the lack of compassion, and cause acts of kindness to become the norm.

More information can be found at the United for a Cause Foundation pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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