FSI confirms body found in Dorado was missing 20-year-old woman

By Pedro Correa Henry

Twitter: @PCorreaHenry

Special to The Star

Forensic Sciences Institute (FSI) Executive Director María Conte Miller announced Monday that a dead body found in Dorado was identified through dental records as that of 20-year-old Rosimar Rodríguez Gómez, the woman who had been reported missing since Sept. 17 in Toa Baja.

“I can’t give you details of her cause of death because the investigation is still ongoing and it is up to the agents and prosecutors if any information will be provided,” Conte Miller said. “What I can tell you is that we acted with all the haste and urgency that the situation required in order to at least bring peace to the family amid the uncertainty that this family lived through during these days.”

The FSI executive director said meanwhile that she couldn’t confirm or deny additional information because she was not the forensic pathologist in charge of the investigation and she was not authorized to provide such information. She said such details would be reported by the head pathologist to the investigative agents and prosecutors who would be in charge of the case.

“We have confirmed it scientifically, and we have determined the cause of death, and the autopsy has concluded,” Conte Miller said. “Now we will provide all the positive identification information to her family first so they can begin their grieving stage and conclude what they have experienced through these days. Then the autopsy is finished and the institution issues a certification that will let authorities carry out their investigation, and if there’s a suspect, if that’s what proceeds, submit charges, or take the appropriate steps according to the legal perspective.”

Conte Miller added that the cause of death would not be announced as she would leave that responsibility to the prosecutors; however, when a member of the press asked if the cause of Rodríguez Gómez’s death was due to violence, she responded that “the death was not natural.”

Earlier in the day, Bayamón Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC by its Spanish initials) Director Capt. Ricardo Haddock told the Star that they were awaiting a search warrant for a white Suzuki SX4 that the Puerto Rico Police Bureau (PRPB) had located in the district of Caimito and that fit the description of the vehicle used to kidnap the 20-year-old. Haddock said the warrant “was soon to be released” so the CIC could search for any evidence inside the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Haddock told the Star that the police had yet to identify any person of interest in the case. He had said previously that 10 to 12 people had been interviewed as part of the investigation to find Rodríguez Gómez’s whereabouts and to determine what had happened. However, “not all of the interviewed were persons of interest,” he said.

According to the PRPB, from January of this year to Aug. 30, the bureau had received 109 complaints of missing women, of which 103 have been located to date, and 107 missing children between the ages of 13 and 17, of which 97 have been located. Meanwhile, of the 21 women reported missing this year, nine have yet to be located.

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