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García Padilla brands the House speaker ‘a poor devil’

Former Gov. Alejandro García Padilla

By The Star Staff

The internal disputes of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) reached new heights Tuesday after former Gov. Alejandro García Padilla branded Speaker of the House of Representatives Rafael “Tatito” Hernández Montanez “a poor devil” and suggested he would ask PDP supporters in Dorado to vote against him in future primaries against current mayor Carlos López Rivera.

“Poor devil” (pobre diablo) is a term that means a mediocre, unfortunate person.

García Padilla’s remarks to a radio station came after Hernández Montañez told another media outlet that the former governor was mediocre and immature and that he had endangered the self-governing powers of the commonwealth during his four-year gubernatorial term.

The House speaker made his remarks after noting that García Padilla was behind the actions of PDP President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González, who chided the House speaker for negotiating amendments to the Electoral Code with the opposing New Progressive Party (NPP).

García Padilla told Noti-Uno that he wants to remember the times Hernández Montañez told him he should run for re-election.

“I remember that in the middle of a speech he said that he did not change planes in the middle of a flight,” he said.

Garcia Padilla said that Hernández Montañez is upset because a few weeks ago he endorsed López Rivera for reelection in Dorado.

“He continues to this day … a poor devil. He is a poor devil talking,” García Padilla said. “And I am going to ask the PDP supporters from Dorado to answer for me. Those are my statements.”

Asked if he was asking for a vote against Hernández Montañez, García Padilla said the NPP negotiated the amendments to the Electoral Law with Hernández Montañez in exchange for the House leader running for mayor of Dorado “without primaries,” the former governor said.

When asked if he felt hurt by Hernández Montañez’s remarks, García Padilla said “those who can hurt me can, but these are remarks of a poor devil.”

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