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Gas prices hit highest level since 2014

The price of gasoline in Puerto Rico reached its highest peak since 2014 this week, according to the island Consumer Affairs Department.

By The Star Staff

If you’ve noticed a spike in prices at the gas pumps, know that gasoline has reached its highest peak since 2014.

That was the announcement Thursday by Consumer Affairs (DACO) Secretary Edan Rivera Rodríguez in an interview with NotiUno.

“We have not seen those numbers for a long time,” Rivera Rodríguez said. “We are vigilant about what is happening with the industry, particularly what is happening with international markets and how that situation in international markets manifests in Puerto Rico, because if DACO sees any irregularity or something that does not agree with what is happening outside … we will take the pertinent actions that can range from requirements to a price control if we notice that there is something abnormal.”

The DACO chief added that the price rise in the United States was spurred by the return of travel and the use of vehicles as activity has resumed from pandemic lows.

“Demand surged last week but at the same time the oil export organizations maintained the oil supply cuts, and then we have on the one hand a rebound in demand but the supply remains limited and that has caused the international prices of oil to remain on the rise,” he said.

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