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General Psychiatric Hospital opens new areas

General Psychiatric Hospital in San Juan

By The Star Staff

Carlos Rodríguez Mateo, who heads the Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services Administration, announced on Tuesday the inauguration of a barbershop and a dental clinic at the General Psychiatric Hospital in San Juan as a result of a new alliance with the Ladies Civic Club of Puerto Rico.

“We remain focused on obtaining new alliances like these that represent improvements for our hospitals and have an impact on a greater diversity of services for our patients,” Rodríguez Mateo said in a written statement. “The renovation of these two areas allows promoting the well being of patients and that is our mission. We thank the Ladies Civic Club of Puerto Rico, who adopted this project and maintain a commitment to the hospital.”

The General Psychiatric Hospital, whose staff can be reached via its PAS Line at 1-800-981-0023, has the capacity to provide inpatient services to about 200 patients requiring acute and subacute care.

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