GEO: Use of luxury cars by public officials is subject to audit process

By The Star Staff

Government Ethics Office Director Luis Pérez commented Tuesday in a radio interview on press reports about the purchase or rental with public funds of luxury cars to be used by elected officials.

“The important thing here is the primary participation that officials must have,” Pérez said in an interview with Normando Valentín on Notiuno 630. “In Cataño it is the function of the internal auditor [to determine] that this transaction has been by the book, verifying the best operation and if in fact it is the most cost-effective for the municipal administration of Cataño, or any other.”

Pérez was responding to a question about Cataño Mayor Félix Delgado, who uses a 2021 Cadillac Escalade minivan as an official car at a rental cost of $4,500 a month.

“The comptroller eventually has to verify if that transaction is indeed a correct transaction,” Pérez added. “The municipal internal auditor is the first to be called on to verify that the transaction has been a correct one, according to law, to internal regulations. And eventually the comptroller audits the transactions.”

Metro Puerto Rico reported last week that Senate President José Luis Dalmau bought a Chevrolet Suburban minivan at a cost of $73,800.

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