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González Colón holds her first board of directors meeting as NPP president

“We are going to be conducting a campaign to re-register or seek entry into the NPP for more than 10,000 new people,” New Progressive Party President Jenniffer González Colón said on Monday. (Facebook via Jenniffer González Colón)

By The Star Staff

New Progressive Party (NPP) President Jenniffer González Colón held her first party board meeting on Monday, at which several appointments were made.

“The mayor of Gurabo, Rosachely Rivera, was unanimously voted as interim NPP vice president for women, which will later be confirmed in the NPP General Assembly,” González Colón said at a press conference. “Likewise, the corresponding appointments were made to the platform committee, which is a board of seven people that is now directed by Verónica Ferraiuoli of the Luis A Ferré Institute, which is the body that will be preparing the New Progressive Party platform for the next election.”

At González Colón’s first meeting as party president, the 44 members present decided to leave Hiram Torres Montalvo in place as general secretary.

Raúl Márquez Hernández was also chosen as undersecretary; Ciary Pérez Peña, alternate electoral commissioner; Oriol Campos Hernández, state political director; José Gerena, mayors’ representative; Ángel Cintrón García, San Juan region director; Yashira Lebrón, Bayamón region director; Julennie Vázquez, Aguadilla region director; Jayson Martínez, Mayagüez region director; Margarita Nolasco, Guayama region director; Francisco “Paco” López, Central region director; Omar Massa, Humacao region director; William Villafañe, at-large member; José “Pichy” Torres Zamora, at-large member; Tatiana Pérez Ramírez, at-large member; and Juan Aubin “Bin” Cruz Manzano, at-large member.

Meanwhile, it was announced that the NPP Convention will be held Sept. 13-15 at the Caribe Hilton hotel in San Juan.

“In that same assembly, a new committee must be approved, a new regulation that will be chaired specifically by the vice president, Rosachely Rivera,” González Colón said. “We also discussed that since the NPP will be institutionally celebrating the date of birth of José Celso Barbosa, which is normally July 27, but being a long weekend, we are going to celebrate it on July 21 in Bayamón, in front of the home of Dr. José Celso Barbosa. We will also celebrate August 20, the anniversary of the New Progressive Party. And I tell all members of the NPP that we are looking for a building, we are looking to be able to establish a new headquarters.”

The premises would be paid for by the parity of funds from the State Election Commission, she added.

“We are going to be conducting a campaign to re-register or seek entry into the NPP for more than 10,000 new people,” González Colón continued. “We are in an aggressive campaign to open the doors of the NPP to all those who believe in American citizenship, in permanent union with the United States, since the NPP is the party of the people of Puerto Rico. This is the people’s party where everyone fits. And opening these doors after this primary means that people who perhaps did not vote in the last election or in recent elections, now have space in this committee, have space in this party to channel family values, causes and rights of each citizen in defense of free enterprise, work and opportunities.”

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