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González Colón picks up endorsements in the island west

Resident commissioner and New Progressive Party gubernatorial hopeful Jenniffer González Colón and the NPP candidate for mayor of Sabana Grande, Álex López (Comité Jenniffer González Colón)

By The Star Staff

New Progressive Party (NPP) Vice President Jenniffer González Colón received two new endorsements from NPP leaders in her bid for the governorship over the weekend as her “On the Street with Jenniffer” campaign toured the southwest of the island.

The most recent endorsement was that of the former Cabo Rojo mayor Perza Rodríguez Quiñones, who, accompanied by her family, received González Colón at her home along with Elmer Román, who is seeking the NPP nod for resident commissioner.

The former mayor said in a video that González Colón, the current resident commissioner, is the best option for governor and that she has her full support.

“I want to notify the people of Puerto Rico and my people of Cabo Rojo that we are with who is and will be our next governor, Jenniffer González,” Rodríguez Quiñones said. “A woman of principles, of values, a great fighter and a person who has contributed a lot to our country. … We really appreciate the work that everyone has done, but we have to make the best selection, and the best selection is Jenniffer González.”

Rodríguez Quiñones also asked for a vote for Román for resident commissioner, noting that González Colón needs a full team and that Román is “the ideal person to be able to lead the New Progressive Party to victory, but more than anything to do the work of government that we know he can do for the benefit of all Puerto Ricans.”

Meanwhile, during the resident commissioner’s tour of Sabana Grande, the NPP municipal president and candidate for mayor of that southwestern town, Álex López, expressed his unequivocal support for González Colón to become the next governor and for Román to be elected resident commissioner.

López praised González Colón’s work record and emphasized her career within the NPP and as a public official.

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William Rosa
William Rosa
Apr 22

The PPD/PNP candidates are full mode, recycling processes they have used for the past 74 years with the same results: chaos, disorganization, corruption, lack of vision and above all, lack of respect toward the Puerto Rican people. Now, Mrs. Gonzalez, like Mr. Pierluisi, Mr. Fortuno, Garcia Padilla and so on before her, and after being appointed to several political positions, is recycling herself to become the 14th governor of the country since Mr. Munoz Marin. The move, like in previous cases, beg many questions that can't be answered; what Mrs. Gonzalez can do to get PR out of the abysm the PPD/PNP created, why she didn't impulse her innovative ideas to prevent the current crisis before, how she can harmonize…

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