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González Colón surpasses minimum endorsements needed to run for governor

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón had received as of Saturday more than 9,200 endorsements as a New Progressive Party candidate for governor of Puerto Rico.

By The Star Staff

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón announced over the weekend that she had surpassed the necessary endorsements to be certified as a candidate for governor by the New Progressive Party (NPP), after submitting all of the endorsements collected by her campaign before the deadline determined by the State Elections Commission.

“These endorsements that were collected organically, without pressure and without taking a toll [on the volunteers], represent the strength that Jenniffer González has with the people,” said González Colón’s electoral director, Aníbal Vega Borges.

The woman with the most votes in the last four elections in Puerto Rico, and the only candidate who achieved more than 40% of electoral support in the last election, had anticipated that after her candidacy was filed, she would begin her gubernatorial campaign by prioritizing her electoral team, which has already successfully completed the first stage of the process: the collection of endorsements.

For this first stage of the electoral process, in a new electronic system for collecting endorsements, the team of volunteers working with González Colón took to the streets to collect the endorsements for her candidacy.

Vega Borges and his electoral team surpassed the required number of 8,000, filing more than 9,200 organic endorsements of González Colón for governor.

“We prepared to expeditiously accomplish the collection of endorsements for the [...] future governor, with over a thousand volunteers who had no pressure on them, but only the interest of seeing the possibilities of a new NPP grow, and they did their work in each municipality and here are the results,” Vega Borges said. “There have already been 9,308 endorsements registered in the system of the State Elections Commission.”

“There are those who said that Jenniffer was not going to announce her candidacy for governor and she announced it; there are those who said that she did not have a running mate and starting on September 30 she said she would file [her candidacy] with him and she did; they said her candidate for resident commissioner was not going to be able to qualify to run and he filed all the documents for his candidacy; there are those who said she would not collect [enough] endorsements and she exceeded the required amount; they said she didn’t have a team and she presented a robust and innovative campaign structure,” Vega Borges added. “They who continue to underestimate the gubernatorial candidacy of Jenniffer González will be in for a surprise on June 2.”

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