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González Colón tops $205,000 in campaign contributions

By John McPhaul


Resident Commissioner and candidate for re-election Jenniffer González Colón has surpassed the preliminary campaign contributions of the other candidates for the Washington, D.C. post ahead of November’s elections, exceeding $205,000.

A full 88 percent of those collections come from residents of Puerto Rico.

“Given the difficult times that we have had to live through, I understand and appreciate the sacrifice that our people make in contributing what they can to my campaign, but it is necessary to continue the work that I have been doing in the federal capital,” González Colón said in a written statement. “We have achieved the largest allocation of federal funds in our history.”

Since she announced her aspirations in September 2015 to become the first woman to represent the island before Congress, the vice president of the New Progressive Party has positioned herself as the leader in campaign contributions in all collection cycles.

Despite the pandemic and the fiscal crisis, the congresswoman’s campaign committee noted that “it is evident that Puerto Ricans want to keep her in Washington, D.C., and they appreciate the tireless and productive work Jenniffer González is doing; with their contributions [they are doing their part so] that she continues working and advocating for the well being of the island.” The current collection cycle covers the period from April to June.

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