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González Colón touts support in housing projects

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón said after visiting Manuel A. Pérez residential complex in San Juan on Tuesday that the more time she spends with island public housing residents and listens to what they have to say, the more committed she becomes to serving their interests as governor. “It’s something organic that comes up on every visit,” she said.

By The Star Staff

New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate Jenniffer González Colón said Tuesday in a press release that with each visit to housing complexes her support from and commitment to the island’s most vulnerable increases.

“It’s not difficult for me to visit a residential complex because my campaign in Precinct 4 started that way and I know the existing needs,” said the former island lawmaker and current resident commissioner. “I’ve had to climb steps from the bottom to reach this candidacy and I’m grateful for the support that’s growing,” she said.

González Colón made her remarks after visiting Manuel A. Pérez residential complex in San Juan, where she listened to the needs of the residents and sealed her commitment to them.

“Listening to them and sitting down to play dominoes with them is something that helps me connect with more [residents]; it’s something organic that comes up on every visit,” she said. “I visit their businesses, barbershops, betting parlors, and apartments and share with the neighbors their concerns and aspirations. I know perfectly well their needs and I will continue to listen to them so that when we get to the governorship I will reinforce my commitment.”

The candidate also recently visited the Aponte residential complex in Aguadilla, Aristides Chavier residential complex in Ponce and Luis Llorens Torres residential complex in San Juan.

She said her visits give her energy in her new campaign.

“Each visit to the communities motivates me to keep going and share my proposals,” González Colón said. “Listening to the ideas of Lucía Santana, who spoke to me about the empowerment of communities and young Anthony Rodríguez, who wants to help with drug prevention in young people, in addition to seeing the same needs in homes such as termites, leaks, unattended light poles that represent dangers for the children who play in the area. Listening to the challenges of care in government service agencies and others engages me more.”

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