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Gov’t promotes labor market transformation with ‘Puerto Rico is Faja’o’

By The Star Staff

With the aim of continuing to highlight the work of the island’s workforce and inspiring others to be part of the historic statistical increase in the employment rate, Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia and Labor and Human Resources (DTRH by its Spanish initials) Secretary Gabriel Maldonado González introduced the “Puerto Rico Is Faja’o” campaign on Tuesday.

The campaign’s main emphasis is on older adults, young people, women, beneficiaries of government assistance programs and those with functional diversity, among others.

The campaign proposes to generate a cultural change in the way in which citizens approach the world of work, as well as promote a work environment in which the rights of all workers are respected, their contributions are valued and the connection between employers and employees is strengthened, thereby promoting harmonious collaboration that drives the progress of the island.

“The greatest asset that Puerto Rico has is, without a doubt, our people and it is our people who are moving Puerto Rico forward,” Pierluisi said during the launch event held at Coca-Cola Music Hall in San Juan. “We have the most qualified and prepared human capital in our Caribbean region and our goal is to ensure that we have employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for every Puerto Rican man and woman.”

“Having left behind the bankruptcy of the government and with the recent crises already in the past, Puerto Rico’s economy has experienced a marked improvement in these two years and eight months of my administration, with a trend of economic growth that we have not seen in more than a decade,” the governor added. “Likewise, we have 100,000 additional jobs and the lowest unemployment in our history. From nine percent unemployment in January 2021, it is now around six percent.”

Pierluisi noted that the combined effect of the talent of the workforce, government investment in infrastructure and support for the private sector have fostered renewed interest from local and foreign companies to expand and invest in Puerto Rico.

The DTRH secretary emphasized that “this campaign is a call to action to join the working force and invites us to be agents of change in the transformation of our work environment.”

“All economic sectors are stating the need for additional labor and express challenges in the hiring and retention of talent, so this new advertising campaign joins other efforts of this administration aimed at improving quality of life through work through diversity, equity and inclusion strategies,” Maldonado González said. “Puerto Rico needs everyone and it is time to continue showing that we are all ready to continue promoting our socioeconomic development.”

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