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Governor appoints Rodríguez Vega to lead DNER

Natural and Environmental Resources Secretary Anaís Rodríguez Vega

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia on Sunday appointed Anaís Rodríguez Vega as secretary of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER), a position she had held on an interim basis for several months.

“I am pleased to designate Ms. Rodríguez Vega as secretary of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, because since she took office as interim secretary in April of this year and previously as undersecretary of the agency, she has done a commendable job of making accurate and correct decisions to the benefit of our natural resources throughout Puerto Rico,” the governor said in a written statement. “I am sure that thanks to that work, which she has highlighted in these past months, as well as her administrative capacity, she will be able to count on a fair and meritorious evaluation in the Senate of Puerto Rico.”

Rodríguez Vega said “it is an honor to continue serving the people of Puerto Rico, now as Secretary of Natural and Environmental Resources.”

“I fully understand what the mission of a public servant is and nothing will distract me from the responsibility that the law imposes on me,” she said. “I will continue to vigorously promote the various and broad initiatives that we have developed in this agency for the protection and conservation of natural resources, without obstructing economic development compatible with established rules and regulations. I thank Governor Pierluisi for the trust placed in me to carry out this task.”

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