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Governor asks for respect from physicians’ spokesman

Physicians and Surgeons Association President Carlos Díaz Vélez

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia requested respect on Tuesday from Physicians and Surgeons Association President Carlos Díaz Vélez regarding the demands the latter has made to prevent the flight of health professionals from Puerto Rico.

“Tone is very important. Respect for my function, for my office as governor, as well as for legislators, has to be paid,” the governor said in response to questions from the press. “Here disrespect is out of place. They have to respect an effort that is ongoing. And I’m not just talking about my administration, I’m talking about the Legislature. No one can deny that in the executive branch and in the legislative branch we are constantly trying to address those demands.”

Díaz Vélez said recently that the situation with health professionals was similar to what happened in the summer of 2019, which culminated in the departure of the then-governor, Ricardo Rosselló Nevares.

Díaz Vélez said that if the situation was not addressed, protests could begin in island streets.

He also attributed the alleged lack of attention being paid by politicians to the situation to most of them receiving donations from insurance companies.

The governor said that what the spokesman for the medical profession should do is focus on presenting proposals. Asked if he is going to meet with members of the association to listen to proposals that have already been submitted, Pierluisi replied, “at the time [that is] in agreement with my calendar.”

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