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Governor calls PDP internal strife ‘incredible’

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia on Thursday described as “incredible” the internal problems that have flared up in the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) over the approval in the House of Representatives of a set of amendments to the Electoral Code.

“I say that they are incredible because they are sanctioning the speaker of the House; that is, stripping him of all positions, the appointments in that party, until the end of next year,” the governor said in response to questions from reporters. “[This is being done] to a speaker of the House, and that they are also going to sanction a large number of legislators of that party. That denotes that there is a greater degree of disorder.”

“So first they have to solve those wrongs internally in the Popular Democratic Party, and I’m not going to suggest how to do it, because it’s not up to me,” he added.

Pierluisi insisted that if any amendment to the Electoral Code is to be approved, it must have the support of the New Progressive Party (NPP).

Regarding the judicial case on coalition candidacies, the NPP president said that depending on what happens in the Court of Appeals, they do not rule out taking the matter to the island Supreme Court.

The governor also expressed confidence that despite a possible challenge to his candidacy, unity will prevail at the convention that his party will hold this weekend.

“We’re going to have a successful convention, I have no doubt; it’s going to be very lively,” Pierluisi said. “This Sunday all the leadership is invited, without exception. And there what will reign again is unity, because we are all statehooders who believe in that equality of rights that Puerto Ricans lack. And we are all going to defend this NPP administration because my administration is of the NPP.”

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