Governor: Chances appear slim for a revived Seilhamer appointment

By John McPhaul

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia said Thursday that he has not done a legal study, and much less contemplates renaming Larry Seilhamer Rodríguez as secretary of State after the island House of Representatives hung up Seilhamer’s appointment earlier this week.

“I am not going to speculate on those matters,” Pierluisi said in response to questions from the press. “It was really very sad, very unfortunate what happened. So, at this given moment, what I envision that I have to do is find another person who has the similar or necessary qualities to assume that very important position.”

And renaming Seilhamer is not in his plans? he was asked.

“Nobody has made that proposal to me. No legal study has been done as to whether this is possible,” the governor said. “And I have not been told that in the Legislative Assembly there is interest in this being carried out.”

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives nixed the appointments of Seilhamer and Manuel Torres Nieves, as comptroller of Puerto Rico.

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