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Governor creates post for Völckers Nin after Senate sinks his PRITS appointment

Enrique Völckers Nin

By John McPhaul

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia announced Wednesday the creation, by executive order -- of the position of assistant chief of staff for innovation, information, data and technology and named Enrique Völckers Nin to the post that will be attached to La Fortaleza.

Völckers Nin was rejected by the island Senate on March 1 in his third appointment as chief executive of the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service, commonly referred to as PRITS.

“The digital agenda of my administration is key to achieving the government efficiency to which we have committed ourselves,” the governor said in a written statement. “Völckers Nin has demonstrated his ability to give results to our people, promoting technological tools to facilitate the interaction of our people with their government. We will continue to prioritize government agility through digital transformation.”

For his part, the new La Fortaleza official stressed that “I continue to focus on giving priority to the public policy of innovation and information established by our governor, Pedro Pierluisi.”

“From this new designation I will give greater focus and emphasis to priority technological projects for the benefit of citizens,” Völckers Nin said. “The people of Puerto Rico can continue to count on my commitment and dedication so that, as has been the case up to now, we continue to have effective results in the digital transformation of the island’s government.”

The executive order establishes that the assistant chief of staff for innovation, information, data and technology will be in charge of supervising the efficient execution of the island government’s public policy on innovation and technology.

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