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Governor: Designated PRITS director has proven herself and should be confirmed

Nanette Martínez Ortiz, designated director of the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia expressed impatience Tuesday at the possibility that the island Senate would reject the confirmation of Nanette Martínez Ortiz as director of the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS).

Regarding the designated secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Hiram Torres Montalvo, the governor said he would keep an eye on the vote slated for next week in the Senate, where adverse reports on both nominees have been rendered by the Appointments Committee.

“My team is in communication with the legislative leadership,” Pierluisi said. “I understand that the plenary or the president will consider these nominations early next week. From now until then, I will be monitoring the matter. I saw a report today that indicates that the PRITS appointment could have 14 votes in favor. I want to confirm that.”

“If that is the case, then that is positive,” he added. “But on the other hand, the negative report is unfortunate. It is incredible for this to have happened because Nanette Martínez is a capable professional who has been addressing some issues, including the situation she faced with the Aqueduct Authority recently. She deserves great credit for what has been done, for example, with CESCO Digital.”

Martínez also is tasked with making the electronic vehicle inspection sticker (known locally as the marbete) a reality in the coming fiscal year.

“It would be a disgrace if she could not take up the role that she has been ably filling for quite some time,” the governor said.

The Senate report expressed concern about the lack of clear and accurate information on the management of the public agency and Martínez’s handling of recent cyber attacks.

Pierluisi maintained that Torres Montalvo has worked diligently to defend island consumers. However, the Senate report notes that the designated DACO secretary appears to be on the side of business rather than consumers. The report mentions his lack of action to stop the hike in the price of coffee.

“At the appropriate time, my team always talks with the appointees and sometimes it happens that the nominees themselves ask that they withdraw their designation when they anticipate an adverse vote,” the governor said.

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