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Governor: EO’s negative virus test requirement for mass events meant as deterrent

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia said earlier this week that the reason for a negative COVID-19 test requirement mandated by Executive Order 2021-80 for those who intend to attend a mass event is to discourage the holding of such events.

“I have kept that in the executive order, precisely because it is working as a deterrent for these activities to take place,” said the governor at a press conference late Wednesday. “I have to admit it.”

“I have not changed that order to say proof of vaccination or negative test in part because I know that it serves as a deterrent, because I know that it is not easy to obtain proof, I admit it,” Pierluisi added. “They may have to stand in line for quite some time, and meanwhile, they may have to pay for it.”

The governor did not rule out amending that language in upcoming executive orders, depending on the behavior of positivity levels.

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