Governor estranged from former opponent Pierluisi

By John McPhaul

Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced remains estranged from Pedro Pierluisi, her former opponent in the New Progressive Party primaries who is now the pro-statehood party’s candidate for governor.

When asked in a radio interview with Rubén Sánchez on WKAQ 580 AM if she is going “to hug” Pierluisi before Nov. 3, the day of the general elections, Vázquez gave a long sigh.

“To give a hug to any person, you need an approach. And that’s what I told all the people of Puerto Rico on Aug. 16 [primary day],” Vázquez said. “I have about 130,000 people who looked for a sensitive governor who believed in the people, who learned to listen, who had sensitivity and who, above all, would think of Puerto Rico first.”

“This political campaign for me ended on Aug. 16,” the governor said. “And I called on the candidate [Pierluisi] to present himself to all of them [those who voted for Vázquez], because I am only one vote. Let him appear so that all these people can choose their candidate and make a decision.”

As for whether she felt that Pierluisi “hurt her” in the primary campaign, Vázquez said “that was a horrible, horrible campaign.”

“I think the most abusive goes down,” she said. “I don’t say it, people tell me.”

She added that it was unnecessary “because I have been a public servant for 32 years, serving the people of Puerto Rico with honesty and integrity.”

“And I simply wanted to be an option for all the Puerto Rican people,” Vázquez said. “To bring you a better government free of politics.”

To the question of whether history will absolve her, she answered, “Of what?”

“I have nothing to be acquitted of,” the governor said. “I have done everything in accordance with law and order.”

Vázquez said that when her role as governor ends on Dec. 31, “I’m going home to rest a little while.”

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