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Governor grants day off for public employees on Friday

By The Star Staff

Office of Administration and Transformation of Human Resources (OATRH by its Spanish initials) Director Zahira Maldonado Molina announced Tuesday that Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia has granted leave with vacation compensation on Friday for public employees.

In case employees have accumulated compensatory time, it may be deducted. For those employees who, due to the nature of their functions or the services provided by the agency, are required to work during the day granted, Friday will be considered a normal day of work.

Maldonado Molina said the agencies excluded from the Human Resources Administration System established in Law 8-2017, as amended, known as the Law for the Administration and Transformation of Human Resources in the Government of Puerto Rico, will be governed in accordance with the current rule of law and/or the internal regulations of their agency.

She added that municipal governments may adopt similar provisions, through municipal ordinance, as provided in the Municipal Code of Puerto Rico, Law 107-2020, as amended.

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