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Governor hands over 35 title deeds in greater San Juan metro area

Since 2020, the Housing Department has delivered more than 1,280 property titles to island families. (Gov. Pedro Pierluisi/Facebook)

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia and Housing Secretary William Rodríguez Rodríguez delivered 35 title deeds to residents of various communities in the Carolina, San Juan and Bayamón regions, financed by recovery funds from the Community Development Block Grant Program for Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR).

“The delivery of property titles is much more than a legal and administrative process, it represents an important step toward stability, family security and the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream,” Pierluisi said in a written statement. “As governor, my commitment to the well-being of our people and access to decent housing is unwavering. We are witnessing the fruit of the hard work of all of you and the initiatives of our administration, which are guiding Puerto Rico into a new era of prosperity and economic growth.”

The Housing secretary added that “the delivery of a property title represents a crucial moment for many Puerto Rican citizens, who seek the tranquility and security that this document provides.”

“We are proud to make this dream a reality and remain committed to streamlining procedures so that more people can benefit from their land title,” Rodríguez said.

By obtaining ownership of their homes, island residents will be able to enjoy advantages such as mortgage loans, initiatives to improve their residences, and other benefits that require reliable proof of ownership. Since 2020, the Housing Department has delivered more than 1,280 property titles.

The government’s drive to rebuild Puerto Rico includes more than 21,500 families through the Housing Department’s various programs. Through the R-3 Program, more than 6,170 families have a rebuilt or repaired home and 3,170 have received a relocation voucher. Meanwhile, more than 8,900 families have attained homeownership by receiving assistance from the Housing Finance Authority, while communities have been identified whose residents will be relocated to areas out of danger, with more than 600 single-family homes to be assisted in this manner.

In addition, under the Planned Housing Program with funds from the CDBG Mitigation program, 15 new construction projects have been awarded that will result in 1,300 single-family homes in 12 municipalities.

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Oscar Melendez
Oscar Melendez
Feb 09

Les regalaron esas propiedades? Eso solamente se debe hacer para personas impedidas o que no pueden trabajar.

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