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Governor proclaims week in honor of CROEM achievements

The Educational Opportunities Residential Center of Mayagüez, commonly known as CROEM

By The Star Staff

The island Department of State announced Sunday that Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia has signed proclamation P-2022-04, declaring the commemoration of Educational Opportunities Residential Center of Mayagüez (CROEM by its Spanish acronym) Week on the occasion of the institution’s 54th anniversary.

“In the explanatory memorandum, the governor emphasized the quality of teaching at the CROEM, its achievements, and the contribution made by Dr. Ramón Claudio Tirado in founding the public center of advanced education in the year 1968, where the students reside,” said engineer Rafael Muñoz, presidential delegate of CROEM ALUMNI in charge of the festivities of the 54th anniversary of the Center. “In the document, Governor Pierluisi gave special recognition to the Association of Graduate Students of the Educational Opportunities Residential Center of Mayagüez, known as CROEM ALUMNI, for its achievements and efforts in support of development projects of that public school.”

In the document issued by the Department of State that bears the official seal of the Puerto Rico government, CROEM’s history is highlighted in having become a “Five Star” school.

“Due to its academic excellence, CROEM is the number one (1) school in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean,” states the governor’s proclamation.

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