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Governor reacts with laughter when asked about PDP general assembly

By The Star Staff

With laughter, New Progressive Party (NPP) President Gov, Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia reacted on Monday to the general assembly held a day earlier by the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) in Trujillo Alto.

“What I saw is that the call and attendance was weak,” the governor said in response to questions from the press. “It speaks for itself. According to the media themselves and the newspaper reports I saw, they barely reached 2,000 people there; that is very weak.”

On Sunday, the PDP held its general assembly in which the members of the new governing board of the “red party” were chosen and ballot positions were established for the May 7 party presidential vote.

The STAR reported Monday that the PDP had not completed balloting for the new governing board of directors as of press time Sunday. As of press time Monday, the party had not responded to a request for a list of new governing board members.

This Sunday, the New Progressive Party will hold an assembly at Roberto Clemente Coliseum in Hato Rey to, among other things, ratify the party’s vice presidents, namely Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón, Sen. Thomas Rivera Schatz and Rep. Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Núñez.

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