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Governor, resident commissioner to celebrate American Citizenship Day in DC

American Citizenship Day observances are taking place today in Washington, D.C.

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia traveled to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday with Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón to participate in a series of activities related to the celebration of American Citizenship Day.

“One hundred and five years have passed and three plebiscites in which statehood won outright. It is time for justice to be done for the millions of American citizens residing in Puerto Rico and for us to be treated under equal conditions as those who live in the rest of the States,” Pierluisi said in a written statement. “The government of Puerto Rico has acted on and defended the postulates established by the citizens in a democratic manner and we are going to continue demanding that Congress act in favor of Equality.”

American Citizenship Day observances are taking place today.

Secretary of State Omar Marrero Díaz will serve as interim governor until Pierluisi returns to Puerto Rico on Thursday.

Also in commemoration of American Citizenship Day, the minority leader for the New Progressive Party (NPP) delegation in the island House of Representatives, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Núñez, dispatched a group of NPP lawmakers, led by former House speaker José Aponte Hernández, to the U.S. capital to promote the admission of Puerto Rico as a state of the union.

“As part of the efforts to assert the electoral mandate of the People of Puerto Rico, expressed -- freely and democratically -- in the status consultation of November 2020 where the majority, over 52 percent, of the voters who participated chose statehood, right now a group of NPP representatives are visiting Democratic and Republican congressmen to make them aware of the importance of endorsing the Puerto Rico Admission Act,” Méndez Núñez said.

In addition to Aponte Hernández, the delegation consists of Reps. Jorge Navarro Suárez, Ángel Morey Noble, José Meléndez Ortiz and José Pérez Cordero.

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