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Governor shuts down businesses and forbids alcohol sale on Sunday

By The Star Staff

All businesses except pharmacies, supermarkets, gas stations, and restaurants will be closed and alcoholic beverage sales are not permitted this Sunday as Governor Wanda Vázquez amended Executive Order 2020-054 to control crowdings of people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The amendment came to effect as Vázquez held a meeting with members of both Medical and Economic Task Forces, Health Secretary Lorenzo González, Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Manuel Laboy, and other members of the private industry as they agreed to shut down this Sunday all businesses except the aforementioned. Likewise, restaurant dining halls will also remain closed but can provide delivery, carry-outs and drive-in orders; while megastores will only have their supermarket and pharmacy sections open.

“As I said this morning, we have seen havocs last weekend, especially on Sundays, when a lot of people forget that we are still facing the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. At moments where [COVID-19] cases are increasing, hospitalizations and casualties are on the rise, we cannot lower our guard. It is due to this that, with the support of representatives from these industries, we have determined to take even more restrictive measures. At the moment, it will be for this Sunday”, said Vázquez.

Meanwhile, religious services will continue on Sunday, complying with safety measures to prevent infection of the coronavirus disease. On the other hand, the governor said that the restrictions announced last week are still in effect until July 31, which includes curfew hours from 10pm until 5am, and alcohol sales until 7pm.

“Next Tuesday, we will meet again to evaluate if people have complied or not to the Executive Order during the weekend. Once we analyzed, we will determine if it is still necessary to shut down again on Sunday, August 2. This is a precautionary measure to stop the contagion curve and keep adjusting”, she said.

The governor said the decision was announced early in order for citizens and businesses to prepare in a timely fashion.

“With these necessary measures, we can defeat this invisible enemy,” she said.

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