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Governor signs law upping public sector vacations from 15 to 24 days

Rep. Domingo Torres García

By The Star Staff

Rep. Domingo Torres García announced Wednesday that Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia signed into law House Bill 1182, of Torres García’s authorship, which increases the number of vacation days for public employees from 15 days to 24 days.

“With this increase, justice is done for public servants by restoring part of the days that had been taken away previously by the country’s economic crisis,” Torres García said. “This increase in vacation days is a recognition of hard work and also an effort to promote family integration.”

The District 25 legislator, who chairs the House Labor Affairs Committee, added that “with this [enactment], it is reaffirmed that the reduction of days, which from now on remains in the past, was an ideological imposition that hurt public servants and violated the acquired right to prevent this very thing.”

“I will continue to raise my voice and seek justice for all workers in Puerto Rico,” he said.

“I take this opportunity to recognize the colleagues of all delegations for supporting the bill unanimously, and to the governor for stamping his signature on such an important bill for the working class of Puerto Rico,” Torres García said. “I reaffirm my commitment to continue working hard with an unwavering commitment to the working class and for the country.”

The lawmaker noted that he has also undertaken efforts to return the private sector benefits that were previously eliminated.

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