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Governor: The status consultation will be called when it is ‘strategically possible’

Governor Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia

By The Star Staff

Governor Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia said on Monday that when it is “strategically viable,” he will call the status consultation for the November elections. “I have always said that I am going to make that decision at some point now in the summer, I have to do it in time so that the ballot that has to be printed is printed and that it does not affect the election process as such. When the time comes to make the decision, because logistically I can’t wait any longer, I’m going to make it. And I repeat what I said before, despite some voices that have come out against it, I am clearly inclined to convene the consultation. Likewise, as I said before, I think that the options that the consultation should have are the options of the HR project. 8393, which was approved by the federal House of Representatives. In other words, we don’t have to invent, we don’t have to improvise,” the governor said to questions from the press.

“Here in Puerto Rico there was no objection in that process from either the Independence Party or Citizen Victory Movement, who did not publicly object to that. In the Popular Democratic Party there is a sector that favors the option of free association, so that sector also saw it, that project and that option with good eyes. Yes, I recognize that there is a sector within the Popular Democratic Party that still surprises me, but still defends the current status and denies that it is a colonial and territorial status, but they are the least, that is, those are the least and you have to in these things seek the general well-being and if what you are expecting is unanimity, you will never have it,” he added.

Pierluisi expressed that although the hearing in the federal Senate on the status was postponed due to calendar conflicts, the decision to call the consultation has been made.

“What I am saying is that the time will come when I have to make the decision and that if the hearing has not occurred by that time, that will not cause me not to make it. It is also repeated that I am very inclined to call the consultation and use the Options of HR 83 93, so the only thing I am adding, if anything, is that someone told me now that since the hearing is not given, then it will convene. Well, the answer is that today I am not going to call, nor tomorrow, but that there will come a time when logistically I have to make the decision, because if not it will affect the election process. There is still some margin I have to make the decision. Margin of time, the hearing has not yet been given and I had said it would be good for the hearing to be given before that point arrives. That is already a question of logistics and I basically have to talk there, discuss this with Vanessa Santo Domingo, possibly with Edwin Mundo, the experts on the electoral issue who know the time it takes or takes you to print the ballot and incorporate that consultation into the electoral process,” he said.

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