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Governor threatens veto if Electoral Code bill limits voting by mail

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia said Tuesday he is prepared to veto amendments to the Electoral Code if the measure limits mail-in voting.

“If the measure seeks to significantly limit voting by mail, I anticipate from now on that a veto is on the way,” the governor said in response to questions from the press.

Pierluisi underscored the importance of voting by mail: “Voting by mail is an option used in numerous jurisdictions. It’s a very useful method, especially for people 60 and older.”

The governor said the amendments significantly limit mail-in voting. Regarding concerns that there are not the resources to adequately monitor postal voting, he said: “If the problem is a lack of resources, we must find them. Voting by mail is an important right for our older citizens.”

Pierluisi’s statements came after his participation in the official government commemoration of the 247th anniversary of the United States Declaration of Independence.

The governor also announced Tuesday his intention to renominate Judge Francisco Rosado Colomer to the Court of Appeals and confirmed that the alternate chairperson, Judge Jessica Padilla, will temporarily preside over the State Elections Commission (SEC).

He noted that according to the Electoral Code, the alternate chairperson assumes the helm of the SEC.

“That will be the case until further notice,” he said without specifically addressing the possibility of appointing another person to lead the SEC. “The decision at this time is that the chair of the commission should be Judge Jessica Padilla, and she has my support for that purpose.”

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