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Governor to fiscal board: Find consensus to pass DAP enabling legislation

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi

By John McPhaul

Following Monday’s status meeting of the parties to the latest version of the debt adjustment plan (DAP), Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia urged the Financial Oversight and Management Board to find consensus to pass legislation enabling the plan.

“We are at a historic juncture and the position of my administration has been consistent from the beginning. We have to end the bankruptcy of the government of Puerto Rico and public pensions have to be protected, and they will be,” the governor said. “We were clear in the status hearing convened by Judge Laura Taylor Swain, that the process of confirming the debt adjustment plan should be kept on track, and the judge agreed.”

The governor reiterated his call to the oversight board to find the consensus that the Puerto Rican people expect and need to achieve an end to bankruptcy and make Puerto Rico grow again.

“My administration and the legislative leadership are already on the verge of achieving that consensus and the only thing missing is for the oversight board to continue with the restructuring process and allow Judge Taylor Swain to make the corresponding decisions,” Pierluisi said in a written statement after the status hearing called by Swain, the judge presiding over Puerto Rico’s debt restructuring case in federal Title III bankruptcy court.

Meanwhile, Sen. Thomas Rivera Schatz, the spokesman for the New Progressive Party (NPP) delegation in the island Senate, said that “[i]n today’s court hearing, two things are clear: One: The promise made by [the oversight board’s executive director] Ms. [Natalie] Jaresko not to cut pensions was a lie, and two: The validity clause of [House Bill] 1003 that the Senate approved avoiding cuts to pensions was ‘poison’ for Ms. Jaresko!”

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