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Governor to renominate a pair of ‘unhung’ appointees

Enrique Völckers Nin, chief executive of the government Innovation and Technology Service

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia said Wednesday that since the island Senate has not definitively discarded the appointments of Enrique Völckers Nin as chief executive of the government Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS) and Mariano Mier Romeu as insurance commissioner, he will renominate them for the third time.

“The Senate did not consider 36 appointments. Not considering is not the same as rejecting. What they have to do is finish reconsidering them,” the governor said in response to questions from the press. “Each of those designated individuals deserves to be evaluated, whether a public hearing can be held and their designation put to a vote. I insist on appointments because I am going to re-designate the vast majority of those appointments.”

In other words, since they have not been “hung,” can they continue to be renamed? he was asked.

“Exactly. It is that the Senate does one of two [things], either confirms them or does not confirm them,” Pierluisi said. “But if it does not act, which is what has happened here, the governor has every right to withdraw them at the end of the session and then resubmit them so that the Senate can do its job.”

The governor also submitted to the Legislative Assembly other appointments of board members that were withdrawn.

Late on Tuesday -- the last day of the regular session -- Pierluisi announced that he would withdraw and reappoint several of the nominees whose confirmation was not considered by the Senate.

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