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Governor views progress of Vieques hospital construction

“The new Vieques Health Center is our emblematic project, as it comes to address in an integrated manner the health services needs of the residents of Isla Nena,” said Gov. Pedro Pierluisi, center, alongside Health Secretary Carlos Mellado López, at left, and legislators and other government officials. (Puerto Rico Department of Health/Facebook)

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia inspected the construction work at the new hospital in Vieques on Wednesday.

Accompanied by members of his cabinet and Vieques Mayor José Corcino Acevedo, the governor verified the progress of the construction that has an investment of $85 million in funds from the commonwealth, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the federal Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery program and the municipality.

“The new Vieques Health Center is our emblematic project, as it comes to address in an integrated manner the health services needs of the residents of Isla Nena,” said Pierluisi alongside Health Secretary Carlos Mellado López, legislators and other government officials. “After the demolition last year, construction began in November 2023 and in these five months 45 percent of the first phase has already been built. This project has the highest priority for my administration and we are going to ensure that construction maintains the accelerated pace it takes to meet the needs of our Viequenses.”

Pierluisi, who has visited the municipality three times as governor, noted that the advance construction is already in the first phase, which includes the necessary site work such as clearing, leveling, excavation, installation of utilities and foundation work. Likewise, work on the raising of the structure, the preparation of the exterior surfaces of the building, the air conditioning management room, and all the waterproofing of the areas have begun or are about to begin.

The dialysis clinic (including six treatment cubicles) will be completed as part of the first phase, along with a procedures area that includes an obstetric procedure room and a trauma room. In addition, all mechanical and electrical installations (electrical substation, chillers, generators, reserve tanks, medical gas compressors, the medical gas collector and others) will be completed. The first phase, along with the “South Parking” structure for the dialysis area, are on track for completion by September, the governor said.

Pierluisi began his visit by inspecting the Vieques Temporary Dialysis Center where services have been provided to the population. The Health Department was signing an agreement with the Municipality of Vieques to move those facilities to the Old Municipal Gymnasium on Carlos LeBrum Street, until the construction of the new dialysis center is completed.

The second phase of construction of the hospital, meanwhile, will include the completion of all surface finishes and waterproofing for any remaining areas, as well as the helipad deck with its fire protection systems and required lighting. The emergency room (including six horizontal cubicles for adults, five vertical cubicles for adults and four pediatric cubicles), as well as the imaging department, the pharmacy, the laboratory and a materials warehouse, will be delivered during this phase. Along with the aforementioned areas, the emergency zone parking lot will also be built.

The third and final stage of construction will involve building the outpatient clinics, which include nine examination rooms, an administration area, a dental services area with two dedicated rooms, an infusion therapy area with four cubicles, and the mental health department. A loading area and supply warehouses will be completed in the final phase as well.

Mellado López stated that “these improvements in Vieques are a reflection of the commitment of the governor, the Department and the mayor to strengthen the health infrastructure in Puerto Rico.” “They represent significant steps toward our goal of providing high-quality, accessible and equitable care to all citizens, regardless of their geographical location,” he said.

Elsewhere in Vieques, the governor also visited the already completed Multipurpose Center, and the Quintana Baptist Church Head Start, a new community service center that was built in a commonwealth government facility after Hurricane Maria.

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Oscar Melendez
Oscar Melendez
Apr 25

Muy bien! Algo para el pueblo y el contrato para amigos del alma. Vota por un gobernador que no esté ahí comprometido con los grandes intereses de los globalistas

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