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Group calls for end to COVID-19 executive orders

By John McPhaul

Pro-Life and Family Coalition President Mario Rosario Maisonet announced on Monday that the group will participate in the “Pandemic of Love” demonstration on the south steps of the Capitol.

The demonstration is to express opposition to the executive orders issued by Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic. It is also directed at the legislative and judicial branches of the island government, and private companies, for “their complicity.”

“We have witnessed the reprehensible consequences of the [executive orders], to the point of seeing the government’s clear contempt, setting aside the most basic rights,” Rosario Maisonet said in a written statement. “It breaks the spirit to see brothers against brothers, when our public servants have been used to execute the denial of services and rights.”

“At the same time, it is unsustainable and inexcusable that the legislative branch, almost two months after the session began, continues to have lead feet without hearing on the ground in the face of citizens’ demands. The Legislature has had enough time to override the governor’s veto to sign House Bill 515 into law, and it hasn’t done so either,” he added. “Meanwhile, it is also a tragedy that our Supreme Court continues without speaking, in the face of so many abuses and excesses. The [executive orders] have resulted in clear abuse. There is a pattern of mistreatment by the public and private sectors, hiding behind being governed by the governor’s decrees. Even the private sector has been turned into an arm of the state, because even they are afraid of economic and legal reprisals.”

“In short, the writing is on the wall. Our people need comprehensive health, to make decisions in peace, to produce, to move forward and for their fundamental rights to be respected,” the coalition leader said. “The world has been moving to lift restrictions for months. Puerto Rico could have done it a long time ago. So when? Cease and desist.”

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