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Groups to PREPA: Publicly renounce all AES rescue proposals

Víctor Alvarado Guzmán, spokesman for the Salinas Environmental Dialogue Committee

By The Star Staff

Various environmental and community organizations delivered a letter Thursday to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) demanding that the public energy company publicly reject all the financial rescue proposals brought forward by the company AES Puerto Rico, including the transfer of ownership of its coal-fired plant to the government.

Last week, the newspaper La Perla del Sur and the Center for Investigative Journalism (CPI) reported that AES Puerto Rico President Jesús Bolinaga Serfaty sent a written communication to PREPA executives in which he reported that the company suffers from a serious cash flow problem and requested that PREPA take over the failing concern.

“In the same way, AES proposes to transfer the ownership of its coal station to the public corporation, that PREPA grant it a new contract, this time only as ‘operator’ of the facility, and that the Government of Puerto Rico assume all its expenses, including the purchase of coal and more than $150 million in environmental costs,” Víctor Alvarado Guzmán, spokesman for the Salinas Environmental Dialogue Committee said at a press conference.

“That is impudence and lack of respect for the thousands of people harmed by its polluting energy production.”

As reported Wednesday in the STAR, the environmental groups demanded that PREPA terminate its contract with AES.

Also represented at the press conference were Comité Diálogo Ambiental, Sierra Club, Somos Sur, Campamento Contra Cenizas en Peñuelas, Amigxs del Mar, Acción Climática Ahora, Toabajeños en Defensa del Ambiente, Basura Cero Arecibo and Coalición de Organizaciones Anti-Incineración.

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