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Guayama animal sanctuary seeks help with care & feeding

Canita Sanctuary in Guayama

By The Star Staff

A Guayama animal sanctuary is seeking the public’s help to care for more than 800 dogs and cats that have been rescued from the streets.

The Canita Sanctuary needs over 400 pounds of food plus expenses for veterinary services to care for the animals.

The sanctuary also operates two daily feeding routes through the streets surrounding its facilities to feed stray animals.

This is why the United for a Cause Foundation (UCF) launched a call under the slogan #800ReasonsToHelp, in order to promote the work and raise funds for Canita.

“Doña Carmen and her husband Don Rafael, 71 and 80 years old, respectively, are the ones who lead Canita’s efforts along with her work team and volunteers,” said Dana Capó, president and founder of UCF. “Her main concern, in addition to caring for the dogs and cats on her farm, is feeding and sterilizing the strays to control the overpopulation of animals.”

UCF is a non-profit organization created under the laws of Puerto Rico in 2014, whose main purpose is to promote acts of charity by supporting various causes and especially to support animal welfare organizations through the creation of programs and events.

For more information, UCF has pages on Facebook and Instagram.

To make donations via ATH Móvil, access UnitedForACausePR, and through Paypal,

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