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Guayama municipal secretary becomes interim mayor

By The Star Staff

The municipal secretary of Guayama, Nancy Figueroa Tarrats, will be the southern coastal town’s interim mayor after the resignation of Eduardo Cintrón Suárez over alleged public corruption.

“I am assuming this assignment with great responsibility in an accelerated process and under difficult circumstances for all ‘guayameses,’” the interim mayor said in a written statement.

“For the time being, our effort will be aimed at directing the work agenda for the next 30 days and guaranteeing the citizenry the continuity of services without interruptions.”

The Guayama Municipal Assembly, in accordance with article 1,014 of the Municipal Code of Puerto Rico, convened a meeting and took notice of the mayor’s resignation

Within a period of 30 days, a special election will be held to choose the new mayor of Guayama.

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