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Guaynabo begins providing 4th shots against coronavirus

Guaynabo Mayor Edward O’Neill Rosa

By John McPhaul

Guaynabo Mayor Edward O’Neill Rosa announced Sunday that the municipality of Guaynabo, in cooperation with Voces Coalition and the island Health Department, will begin providing the fourth dose of the vaccination against COVID-19 for people over 50 years of age.

Today, health workers will give the fourth dose at the Pedro López Santos Sports Complex in the Río neighborhood, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“I thank Voces of Puerto Rico for the help and availability to vaccinate our population as part of the measures we have implemented after the rise in the positivity rate,” the mayor said.

“We cannot let our guard down. The virus is still among us. We must take care of our families. We will give full collaboration to this initiative.”

In addition to the fourth dose, those who have not yet had the first dose or the first Pfizer booster (over 12 years of age) or the first or second dose of Moderna (over 18 years of age) will be vaccinated.

People without appointments who arrive during the established schedule will be attended to. Minors must be accompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian. A sign language interpreter for the deaf population will be on hand.

The mayor noted that the municipality will provide personnel to speed up the registration and consent work, snacks and water for attendees, paramedics in the vaccination area as well as the availability of ambulances.

Voces will be in charge of the clinical staff, including dispensers, and will provide the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, medical material, and the mobile unit for dosing.

Vaccination with the fourth dose, as well as the other booster shots, will be carried out in other sectors of the municipality during the coming weeks. For more information call 787-789-4008 and/or access

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