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Guaynabo Christmas tree recycling program is in its 18th year

Guaynabo has been recycling residents’ Christmas trees since 2007.

By The Star Staff

Guaynabo Mayor Edward O’Neill Rosa announced on Monday the continuation of the city’s successful Christmas tree recycling initiative, now in its 18th consecutive year.

The municipality’s recycling department is ready to conduct the post-holiday round of tree recycling, a tradition that has been enthusiastically supported by residents over the years, O’Neill Rosa said.

The initiative, which has been implemented since 2007, reflects the administration’s commitment to the environment by preventing discarded Christmas trees from reaching the transshipment plant. Instead, all recycled trees are used to beautify the city’s public gardens and contribute to compost at La Marquesa Forest Park.

“In our administration, we not only support the recycling of Christmas trees, but we have also strengthened this program, allocating more resources to raise citizen awareness about the impact on the planet by supporting recycling,” the mayor said.

Collection centers equipped with a special shredder have been set up to recycle trees. In addition, a collection route has been designed for homes, coinciding with the recycling points.

Those who cannot reach the collection centers are called upon to leave their trees outside their residences for collection by recycling personnel.

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