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Health Dept. extends health service provider licenses until Jan. 30

Health Secretary Carlos Mellado López

By The Star Staff

In order to guarantee the continuity of health services to the population, island Health Secretary Carlos Mellado López announced Tuesday the extension until Jan. 30 of the validity of all licenses issued by the Office of Regulation and Certification of Health Professionals (ORCPS by its Spanish initials) and the Board of Licensing and Medical Discipline of Puerto Rico (JLDM).

“We want our doctors and health professionals to continue concentrating on providing health services to the public,” Mellado López said. “Therefore, we have extended the term of medical licenses and certifications until January 30, as long as they have started the process on or before January 16.”

The Health secretary noted that Administrative Order No. 557 also provides that all health professionals have until Jan. 16 to submit their application.

Mellado López said health professionals who have not started the recertification process as of the aforementioned date will be considered a late recertification and will be exposing themselves to the fines and sanctions established by the applicable laws and regulations of the examining board that regulates their profession. .

As part of the ORCPS and JLDM licensing process, at the end of November 2022, the online appointment system was integrated through the link

“Health professionals who need assistance with the services in person can schedule their appointment through the new online system,” Mellado López said, adding that the service hours are offered Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

“It is easy and simple. By accessing the digital platform, health professionals select the examining board to which they belong and the service they request,” the Health chief said. “Once they select the date and time, the system will ask them to confirm the appointment and verify that the contact information is correct. The same platform will provide a confirmation number.”

Mellado López added that since Dec. 1, 2022, the face-to-face services of the ORCPS and JLDM are being attended by appointment.

Meanwhile, Dana Miró, executive director of the ORCPS and the JLDM, emphasized to all doctors and health professionals that they have to meet the continuing education requirements every three years before requesting the renewal of their license.

“This new administrative order (OA-537) benefits all health professionals licensed or certified by the ORCPS who met the recertification requirement corresponding to the 2019 Triennium,” she stressed.

As part of the requirements, health professionals have the portal where the different unions can process the application for Registration and Recertification of Permanent Licenses and the Verification of Licenses (Good Standing). Also, they can send it via internal mail in a stamped envelope with the completed and signed form, and the valid certifications; Asume certification, Good Conduct, a money order in the name of the Secretary of the Treasury. Likewise, they can send it by mail to PO Box 13969, San Juan, PR 00908-3969 (ORCPS) or to PO Box 10200, San Juan, PR 00908-10200 (Junta).

Health workers can access to find out their license renewal requirements. If support, assistance or service from the ORCPS is needed, they can write to

The ORCPS receives and processes renewal applications, and maintains a record of all licenses issued and registered by the examining boards of chiropractors, emergency medical technicians, health services administrators, naturopaths, pharmacists, psychologists, embalmers, professional counselors, professional counselors, health educators, rehabilitation counselors, optometrists, sonographers, radiologic technologists and modalities, radiation therapy, respiratory care technicians, medical technologists, speech-language pathology, doctors of naturopathy, nuclear medicine technologists, nutritionists, dietitians, massage therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists.

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