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Health official: Monkeypox patients found to have used online dating apps

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Iris Cardona

By The Star Staff

Dr. Iris Cardona, the island Health Department’s chief medical officer, alleged on Monday that some additional suspected cases of monkeypox in Puerto Rico have occurred among patients who used computer dating applications.

“The United States already has over 700 cases, but the analysis of the first 300 identified that the majority were men,” Cardona said in an interview. “Most of them had that number one epidemiological criterion, of participating in intimate contact activities, very close contact activities or sexual contact, particularly men having sex with other men, and also, the use of invitations by these different platforms that exist within the so-called social networks to meet people and enter into very close relationships or close contact with these people that until then were unknown.”

“It is not limited to dating because, for example, in Europe you see applications where there are invitations to mass activities with a high number of people in intimate or sexual contact,” she added.

The chief medical officer said the patients are already in isolation and that the relevant tests would be conducted presently.

If they are confirmed as monkeypox cases, the island total would increase to four.

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