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Health professionals want COVID-19 restrictions to stay the same

By John McPhaul


The president of the College of Medical Surgeons of Puerto Rico, Víctor Ramos, and the epidemiologist Juan Carlos Reyes, support continuing with the restrictions regarding public activities that are established in the executive order by Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced to avoid contagion with COVID-19.

In a radio interview Monday morning, both Ramos and Reyes expressed concerns that relaxing restrictions on activities will end with a rebound in cases.

“The cases dropped, but they are still double that of March,” said Ramos. “I think that on behalf of the Health Department the order should stay the same. Because openings had been considered, but certainly the weekend has shown that open-air activities are going to make what happened on the weekend happen again,” said Ramos, referring to an event in Morovis that brought together dozens of people, without maintaining physical distance or wearing masks to prevent the contagion with COVID-19.

Ramos hinted that it may be necessary to restrict activities even more than the current executive order requires.

“It would be enough if everyone did what they have to do. Because the reality is that the Governor can put whatever she wants in the executive order, but if there is no compliance with the executive order of the businesses and the people individually… there cannot be a policeman on every corner, ” said Ramos.

“There is talk of wanting to open cinemas and gyms again,” said Dr. Reyes, member of the medical work group that advises the Governor.

“But the places that are closed with air conditioning, it is very difficult to think about reopening them. In many places, things are being reinvented to make cinema outdoors, gyms outside,” Reyes explained

The epidemiologist anticipated that after this long weekend there will be a rebound in COVID-19 cases. “In seven to 10 days,” Reyes said.

“Thinking about opening spaces that have been identified in the literature as having a high risk (of contagion) seems to me a bit dangerous. They should not be opened.”

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