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Health workers take the streets due to lack of personnel

The workers of the medical center also demand improvements in working conditions and salary increases.

By The Star Staff

Health workers demonstrated at the Medical Center to denounce the lack of employees at the hospital and demand that the necessary personnel be hired to provide the country’s services.

“For the past two years, the General Workers Union (UGT) has been presenting to the management of the Administration of the Medical Center the demand made by these health workers to recruit the personnel that is necessary for the attention of the high volume of patients and the complexity of the cases that are attended in these medical facilities,” explained Gerson L. Guzmán López, president of the union that represents these workers.

Guzmán López explained that hiring more professionals will alleviate the workload and the multiple responsibilities of the personnel working in the different facilities daily.

“Our claim has also been taken to the legislative forum and the Executive so that the necessary measures are adopted to fill the hundreds of current vacancies,” said the union leader.

Regarding the demands for improvements in working conditions and salary increases, Guzmán López indicated that he hopes to achieve significant changes to the current reality in the continuation of the negotiations that began a few months ago, and that should culminate once the Classification and Remuneration Plan is put into effect in January 2023, according to the expectations expressed by the corporation and the Government.

“In the negotiation carried out up to the present, a special payment was agreed upon for the workers, pending the implementation of the aforementioned Classification and Remuneration Plan. This payment will be awarded in the next few days. Likewise, the UGT does not rule out developing, together with all the workers we represent, both in ASEM and in the other facilities of the Medical Center, the necessary actions we have set to achieve labor and wage justice for the enrollment,” concluded Guzmán López.

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