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Henríquez files gubernatorial candidacy under Dignity Project

Ada Norah Henríquez

By The Star Staff

Ada Norah Henríquez, who ran for resident commissioner under the Dignity Project emblem in the most recent election, filed her candidacy for governor Tuesday at the State Elections Commission.

San Sebastián Mayor Javier Jiménez Pérez also announced his intention to run for governor, so he and Henríquez will face each other in primaries next February.

Among her priorities, Henríquez said, is strengthening the public education system.

“There are many people who have their children in the public education stream, which right now does not meet their needs and they cannot have economic mobility,” she said.

Henríquez stated that she also would prioritize public safety, and the energy crisis and power outages plaguing the island.

“Puerto Rico is without security and we need to restore that,” she said. “We have the electricity problem; not only is this a problem that affects families in Puerto Rico, but also small and midsize businesses.”

In the 2020 elections, as the Dignity Project candidate for resident commissioner, Henríquez obtained 95,873 votes – the most for any of that party’s candidates.

Henríquez said she spoke with Jiménez and “we agreed that the primaries, far from weakening the party, were going to strengthen it, and that we were going to do another type of promotion to give the people a better option.”

Dignity Project President César Vázquez, who supports Jiménez’s candidacy, said a primary would harm the party. Henríquez said Vázquez has not spoken with her.

Henríquez left the Dignity Project governing council in 2021 due to differences with the leadership.

She said Joseph Ortiz will be her campaign director.

“He is a serious, committed man, with an extensive and impeccable career, and who shares my vision of Puerto Rico,” the gubernatorial candidate said in a written statement.

Henríquez has a Juris Doctor from the Faculty of Law of the University of Puerto Rico and a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a dual major in sociology. In addition, she has worked as a family therapist and was certified as a conflict mediator.

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