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Homeless man arrested for elderly abuse, kicking police officer

By The Star Staff

Personnel from the Aguada Police District filed criminal charges against Viviano Rodríguez Cabán, 60, a homeless man, for the crimes of abuse of the elderly and kicking a police officer in the genitals.

The acts attributed to Rodríguez Cabán were allegedly committed on Saturday, when he insulted and grabbed Héctor Torres Paturno, 73, who was in the public square of the northwestern municipality.

When the police arrived, they gave the subject verbal commands, which he did not obey and when he was to be arrested he attacked agent Xavier Méndez Pagán by kicking the officer in the genital area.

Prosecutor Héctor Crespo presented the evidence before Judge Orlando Avilés Santiago, who found cause and imposed a bail of $50,000, which Rodríguez Cabán did not pay, and ordered the accused to be held in Las Cucharas de Ponce Prison.

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