• The Star Staff

House and Senate races continue; PDP poised to regain majority

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico will have a divided government, with the Legislature as of Wednesday on track to be controlled by the Popular Democratic Party (PDP).

The House of Representatives had a total of 25 elected PDP representatives, 21 New Progressive Party (NPP) representatives, one Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) representative, two representatives from the Citizens Victory Movement (CVM) and one from the Dignity Project (DP). The results are with 95 percent of the votes counted.

In the Senate, the tally resulted in 14 senators from the PDP, eight senators from the NPP, one PIP senator, two CVM senators, one senator from the DP, and independent Sen. José Vargas Vidot earning a second term.

Several individuals noted that the presumptive governor-elect, Pedro Pierluisi of the NPP, will have a tough year.

“If Pierluisi wins, he will have a difficult year, but more so the PDP,” attorney John Mudd said via Twitter.

Puerto Rico had a difficult four-year term when former Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá was in La Fortaleza because the NPP-controlled Legislature put up roadblocks to his legislation and he often had to issue executive orders.

The at-large House seat final tally had a mix of all political parties. Eva Prados of the CVM won a District 3 (San Juan) House seat. The Carolina Senate district, meanwhile, is divided as it has one NPP senator and one PDP senator.

The at-large House candidates who took the first 11 spots were Héctor Ferrer of the PDP, PIP Rep. Dennis Márquez, Marianna Nogales Molinelli of the CVM, Lisie Janet Burgos of the DP, José Torres Zamora of the NPP, Rep. José Enrique Meléndez of the NPP, Jesús Manuel Ortiz of the PDP, José Bernardo Márquez of the CVM, Rep. José Aponte of the NPP, Néstor Alonso of the NPP and Jorge Emmanuel Báez Pagán of the NPP.

Left out were NPP Rep. Lourdes Ramos, Enid Monge of the PDP, Keyliz Méndez of the PDP, Yaramary Torres of the PDP and Gabriel López of the PDP.

In the Senate at-large race, winning the 11 spots were María de Lourdes Santiago of the PIP, Joanne Rodríguez Veve of the DP, William Villafañe of the NPP, current Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz, Vargas Vidot, former Treasury Secretary Juan Zaragoza of the PDP, former Puerto Rico Bar Association President Ana Irma Rivera Lassen of the CVM, PDP Sen. José Luis Dalmau, Rafael Bernabe of the CVM, Gregorio Matias of the NPP and PDP Sen. Aníbal José Torres.

Left out with 95 percent of the votes counted were PDP Sen. Brenda López de Arraras, Keren Riquelme of the NPP, Sen. Itzamar Peña of the NPP, Ada Álvarez Conde of the PDP, Carlos Rodríguez Mateo of the NPP and Rep. Luis Vega Ramos.