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House bill orders entities to provide LUMA evaluation metrics

By The Star Staff

Citing the constant blackouts that have been reported throughout the island in recent days and rising electricity bills, the island House of Representatives on Tuesday approved House Resolutions 797, 798 and 799, which order the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau, the Public-Private Partnerships Authority (P3A) and the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), respectively, to submit and certify, within a non-extendable term of five business days, the evaluation metrics compiled in relation to LUMA Energy, the private operator of PREPA’s electricity transmission and distribution system.

One of the amendments included said that: “the Secretary of the House of Representatives is hereby ordered to inform the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau, within a term of five working days, after its approval, to provide this legislative body those evaluation metrics compiled as a result of the contractual provision contained in the operation and maintenance contract signed between LUMA Energy, or its representatives, PREPA and the P3A.”

The lower chamber also passed House Resolution 769 to investigate the protection and security protocols that shelter the natural resources of Puerto Rico, and that are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources.

That measure seeks to monitor the surveillance measures of existing natural resources, the labeling of punitive measures in case of violation and the measures taken to monitor compliance with environmental protection laws.

In her turn, the author of the measure, Popular Democratic Party Rep. Lydia Méndez Silva said that it is worth taking action due to the high incidence of environmental crime on the island. “Last June we saw how some individuals started a fire in the mangrove on Cayo Caracoles in Parguera de Lajas,” she said. “This cannot happen, and it is because of this and other environmental crimes committed in Puerto Rico that we must take action now.”

“Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean with a great biodiversity of natural resources,” added the legislator for the 21st District. “These natural resources are one of the greatest attractions that we have on our land and are for the enjoyment of everyone. The natural resource of water is one of the most precious and essential for life.”

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