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House oversight of LUMA under way

By John McPhaul

After the Authority for Public-Private Partnerships (AAPP by its Spanish initials), the Energy Bureau (NEPA by its Spanish initials) and the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority) delivered the information requested by the House of Representatives regarding the compliance with metrics in the contract of LUMA Energy, Speaker of the House Rafael Hernández Montañez, and the independent representative, Luis Raúl Torres Cruz, reported on Wednesday that they will exhaustively evaluate the data collected in order to continue the analysis that will lay the groundwork for the cancellation of the agreement.

Likewise, Torres Cruz, who chairs the Committee for Economic Development, Planning, Telecommunications, Public-Private Partnerships and Energy, indicated that next Monday, September 5, he will hold a public hearing in which the directors of the three agencies will appear: Fermín Fontánes (AAPP), Edison Avilés (NEPA), Josué Colón and Fernando Gil Enseñat (PREPA).

“The agencies complied with delivering the documents within the stipulated term, according to the unanimous mandate of the House through Resolutions 797, 798 and 799, so we will diligently evaluate the information provided and compare it with the data compiled by the Committee to determine if there is just cause to cancel this agreement,” reported Hernández Montañez in written statements.

For his part, Torres Cruz pointed out that “the lack of oversight was what caused the unsustainable energy crisis that we are experiencing today; however, we see how the regulatory agencies look the other way and pass the hot potato to avoid supervising LUMA.”

Hernández Montañez reiterated that “the House will continue to monitor LUMA and demand transparency from it to ensure that everyone in Puerto Rico receives quality electricity service and our system is modernized.”

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