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House votes to create ‘Special Commission to Stabilize Public Finances’

Speaker of the House of Representatives Rafael Hernández Montañez

By The Star Staff

On the last day of the extraordinary session, the island House of Representatives loudly approved a measure to create the “Special Commission for the Stabilization of Puerto Rico’s Public Finances.”

“In this work agenda, the House of Representatives has the inescapable duty to maintain constant monitoring of the financial transactions carried out by the State to achieve three central objectives: protect the public interest; promote transparency in government operations; and restore competitiveness to the country to guarantee its economic growth,” said House Speaker Rafael Hernández Montañez, the author of the measure.

House Resolution 790 seeks to conduct ongoing studies on financial transactions authorized by the Government of Puerto Rico. The panel will also examine the participation of the mortgage and real estate industry in the island’s economic development agenda. Likewise, it seeks to deepen the participation of the notary public as a state official to provide certainty and stability to the transactions carried out, in accordance with the public faith in the notarial profession, and expand the proposed scrutiny to all professionals, institutions and investment funds.

Similarly, the House endorsed House Resolution 391, which calls for the Women’s Affairs and Legal committees to conduct an investigation into the application of the provisions contained in Act 48-2019, with the purpose of examining the fulfillment of its objectives.

Act 48-2019 amended Law 99-2009, known as the Law to Create the Surveillance, Protection and Prevention Program, to address cases of aggravated domestic violence. The law seeks to provide greater security to victims of domestic violence through the implementation of additional tools, applications and technological devices in the courts and public safety agencies of Puerto Rico.

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